With absolutely no reservation at all, I encourage any and all of you to get a massage from Charles; it was the most amazing, professional and relaxing massage I have yet to experience. He made me relax and feel comfortable, which is hard to do (I am always wound so tight and full of energy). His strength and size does play into the excellence of his massage in my opinion, but his knowledge and skills were impressive.  I will continue to receive massages from Charles, as I felt terrific for days after his work on my body. He is truly the best.”  Jami Lynn Appenzeller,   Owner/Publisher of  PhillyFIT Magazine 


“Thank you for the great massage -my hip feels much better. You’re the Best!!!” -Tracy Hess, IFBB Pro Physique, Philadelphia, PADSC_0048c


Thanks so much.  I slept like a baby for the first time in days. -Jane M.,  Philadelphia, PA


“I had the great pleasure of having a full-body massage by Charles after my latest  competition. I can warmly recommend EVERYONE to book a massage with him…the massage he gives you is a total body-and-mind-relaxing experience! I’m often very tense, with a lot of aching muscle knots, and I also usually have a hard time feeling completely relaxed in the hands of someone else. But Charles managed to create a very calming atmosphere which made me able to let go and just relax.  He’s very careful about every detail that will help you feel comfortable, such as the dim light, the music and the sheets carefully draped around you to cover every centimetre of your body, except for the part being massaged at the moment.”  –  Klaudia Larson, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Sweden 



Your technique was wonderful.  After the massage, I felt so relaxed and loose.  The stress had melted away and I felt 20 years younger!”  -Leslie R.,  Kimberton, PA



I was speaking to a young lady who became a massage therapist after receiving a massage from you many years ago. I just thought it was neat, and thought you would like to know that she still raves about your massage til this day. ”    -Khytti W.,  LMT, Pottstown, PA


…one of the most effective massages Charles Peeples has ever performed… first time my biceps have worked properly in months!  You, too, can hire him for a fabulous massage in the privacy of your own home… you get to stay relaxed and not have to drive home! Charles, please swear you’re coming tomorrow night…”              -Sue A., Valley Forge, PA


“I’d been feeling stress from college and work, but receiving full-body massage by Charles helped me recover from the stress, gain energy and feel very good about myself – it made me feel ten pounds lighter! I’ll continue receiving deep massage at Charles` hands… he’s one of the best.”   Gladis R., Phoenixville PA


I was born in Indonesia and moved to US about 14 years ago. Having grown up with massage almost once a week since I was 6 years old, I know a professional. Back home, the Javanese were using what my American friends call “goat style,” where the therapist uses his/her body-weight to press from the top; they actually climb on top of you – talk about “deep tissue!” As I lived in NY for many years, the only equivalent was Shiatsu, with a medium-size Asian lady masseuse actually standing on my back and half hanging on the bar cross on top, just like the ones shown in movies. They actually use their feet with the split-toe shoes and press really deep into the tissue. Since moving to PA, I had been looking for a professional therapist who can really press hard, but correctly. I couldn’t find anyone who could do this as well as the Asian masseuse, not until I met Charles. Since he is a professional trainer and massage therapist at the same time, he knows muscle function from both perspectives, and he really knows how to give a very good massage. I would recommend him to my friends and family!”    Cynthia O., Glenmoore, PA


“Domenico and I felt great the week after the massage when we went away on vacation.  The massage helped to relieve built-up stress for both of us.  For me, you loosened up all of my muscles from head to toe and emptied the “stress pockets” around my shoulder blades, which helped quite a bit because I was not winded, at all, on our hikes through Luray Caverns and around Pilot Mountain in NC.  I am sure it’s because of the great massage.  With daily life of running a business and child rearing it’s tough at times-  having this long-overdue massage made me feel my youth 🙂  I’ll be back!”  -Jewel F., Pottstown


“Charles gave me the most incredible massage I’ve ever had.   He can really get into the tough muscle knots, yet is so very gentle.  He is obviously well trained & very professional.  I will most definitely have another massage done by Charles.  It was a very positive experience all the way around.  I’ve been  battling with depression, as I’ve been having a lot of negative things happening in my life, and the massage definitely helped my outlook!”   –Sandy A.,  Boyertown, PA


I was diagnosed with lupus 10 years ago. One of the symptoms of lupus is constant fatigue. Receiving a massage from Charles released the fatigue… I felt lighter, more alert and energetic.  I was able to concentrate better. Charles is a genius with his hands – very powerful, yet delicate- and I highly recommend him.  He’s one of the best massage therapists I’ve come across.”  –LizBeth G.,  King of Prussia, PA





   A Few More From the Spas


I normally do not write reviews that much, but this massage prompted me to. I’ve been to many massage places in MA, NY and this is probably the best massage I’ve ever had. Charles is so meticulous and knowledgeable and knows which parts of your body need more work. This is the most thorough and enjoyable massage I ever had. Highly recommend!



I had the most amazing massage/muscle care by Charles. I highly recommend him.



Frankly the best massage I have had in years. Charles is extremely competent and knowledgeable and also very charming for all the right reasons. I am looking forward to my next massage!



Had possibly the best massage of my life from Charles and he also gave me some tips to prevent future pain so I could continue in my fitness journey.



My massage was wonderful, and Charles was great. Highly recommended!



The massage was wonderful. I loved the hot stones and extra stretches that was part of the massage. I will definitely recommend family and friends.



Had a massage from Charles and he was very professional and offered a good massage coupled with good company. He’s very eclectic in his passions and it truly added to the experience. Highly recommend!



My massage with Charles was one of the best I have ever had! In addition to being such a nice guy, he demonstrated a variety of techniques that made me feel like I was in expert hands. He also began by summarizing what I can expect from the massage, which made me feel like he had put extra thought into his services. I also appreciated his extra professional use of draping (as a medical professional, I’m passionate about draping lol). This was truly a massage like no other for me!



Loved my massage with Charles!



Very wonderful experience with Charles!



Charles was absolutely amazing. Best massage I’ve ever purchased. He took his time and was very cognizant of where my body needed the most attention. Highly recommend!



Charles was great! Knowledgeable and friendly. Awesome massage.



My husband had an amazing massage from Charles. This was his first time ever getting a full body massage and he cannot wait to go back for another one. Definitely recommend.



Charles was awesome. I not only got a deep tissue massage but several stretches that I really needed. I’ll definitely be back.



Charles was fantastic! Very knowledgeable about muscles and relieving muscle tension. Thank you!



I took my massage with Charles he is the best, very professional I can’t wait for my next massage.



Painless deep tissue massage- relaxing & effective. Included amazing stretches and advice as I told Charles I was getting ready for a ski trip. Much better now!



Charlie was a 10/10. I feel fantastic.



Wonderful experience! Charles did a exceptional job with a deep tissue massage. Gentle but strong and I’m already looking forward to going back. Highly recommend!


Getting massaged by Charles was the perfect blend of relaxation and education; he has a big personality with even bigger hands.